At TPS Construction Services, you’ll find a group of industry experts with varied backgrounds. Their diverse experience gives us access to different perspectives that enrich our knowledge base and help us design an optimal process or work out a particularly difficult challenge. Our team has the industry-specific procurement expertise and skills that allow us to deliver exceptional construction services to clients in these sectors:

Construction Materials

TPS Construction Services has built and operated many processing plants that produce aggregate, cement and other materials for the construction industry. We understand the processing technology and industry standards. Our hands-on experience al...

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Bulk Material Handling

TPS Construction Services has considerable experience in installing systems for the bulk material handling industry. We build, maintain and repair the systems that transport dry materials, such as mineral ores, sand, gravel and stone, from one ...

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TPS Construction Services provides high-quality solutions for clients seeking specialized industrial plant construction. Comprehensive services range from project management and preconstruction to project closeout. We get your industrial facili...

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Mineral Processing

Our team has industry experience to construct your project in a cost-effective way. TPS Construction knows how processing works and the correct installation of the equipment to get the job done.

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The TPS Construction Services team has a great deal experience in the mining industry. If you’re looking to open a mine or renovate an existing one, look no further than TPS Construction for construction, modification and mine closure/reclamati...

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Transportation Terminals

The business goal of a transportation terminal is to move materials efficiently and minimize costs at the same time. At TPS Construction Services, that is our goal, too. When we construct structures and processing equipment we plan our work and...

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